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About the OpenRSi team

RSi Team is an initiative of a couple of enthousiasts that made it their goal to produce an AZBox image, which was easy to use and was offering additional plugins that they thought would be a nice for AZBox users.

This started out with the Modified Official Firmware for the AZBox HD models.

The team never thought that the image would be that popular, but since it was, they got motivated to start developing the next images. This time it was an image, based in the RTi E2 Core. The image is known as RSi E2 0.0x

As popularity grew, software developpers addressed the team, asking if they could be part of this great initiative.

Since then, RSi Team has expanded and has put its energy in building an image, based on the well known OpenPLi images.

With this development, OpenRSi hopes to have given the community a platform on which it can build images, based on a stable and powerful source.

All this would not be possible if the AZBox community would not have the input and knowledge of members of the RTi team. Let's not forget that this team, and especially The_ripper and Telesat, made E2 available for AZBox.

Also, if OpenPLi did not do such a good job in building software for open source linux receivers, we would not be where we are today.

Finally, OpenRSi would like to thank the following persons for making all this possible:
The_ripper, Sattommy, Pingflood, Telesat, Smudger, Guardian, pcrene, Lange, Xenobyte, Ronnie1966 and Herbie153.

Special regards go to our friends at,,, Perdi, Zeini, Colla, Brombeer and everyone we forgot.



OpenRSi firmware for AZBox Elite/Premium(+)/Ultra
The first OpenRSi image for AZBox HD Elite, Premium(+) and Ultra models are available.

Keep in mind that the image comes without a kernel.
If you need to install the kernel as well if you did not do that already.
You do not need the kernel if you already used previous E2 images.

Click here to visit the downloadpage.


OpenRSi firmware for the AZBox (mini)Me
With pride, we have released the first OpenRSi image for the AZBox Me.

We have put a lot of time in this one, before we were confinced that it was public-worthy.

There probably will still be some bugs, but the foundation of a solid image is there, and we are proud saying it.

Visit our downloadpage to get your OpenRSi image.


How to flash you AZBox.
We think it is of great importance to let our user know how they best can install their firmware.

That is why we have made our own tutorials on how to install our firmware on your AZBox.

Please, take your time to read the tutorials, before installing.

Click here to see our selection of tutorials.

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